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Define Your Goals

Your website’s performance is a critical part of your business if not your whole business. Don’t leave your success to chance. Set your targets and go after them!

Measure Your Success

Leave out the guesswork. With your website’s key performance metrics at your finger tips, you will know exactly how you are faring.

Tweak As Necessary

Act on what you learn and don’t be afraid to test out something new. The right controls allow fine tuning and unleashes creativity while providing the safety of a sandbox.

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Use What’s Free: Part 2

I mentioned in an earlier Use What’s Free First about free tools. There are a lot of them for you to choose from, but the following are 5 that I recommend.

  1. Google Analytics for general purpose web analytics
  2. Kampyle for feedback analytics (answering what people really think about your website)
  3. Quantcast for audience profile analytics (answering what your value proposition is to your audience and advertisers)
  4. BTBuckets for segmentation and behavioral targeting (helping you make sure your audience is getting what they came for)
  5. Google Website Optimizer for A/B and multivariate testing (helping you optimize your website’s message, content and functionality

P.S. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all offer valuable webmaster and keyword tools not to be missed, too!

Page Views: Part 2

In Page Views? You’re Joking, I pointed out the importance of picking the right metric to answer your questions. If you wish to dig deeper, the following 5 are a few other articles by the industry’s finest minds that cover the same type of topic (in no particular order). (If you have others, feel free to add them in the comments.)

  1. Dear Avinash: Top Web Analytics Questions, Twitter Edition – Look at Avinash’s reply to “How do you convince people to look beyond page impressions for usable measurable metrics?” in particular.
  2. Unique Visitors ONLY Come in One Size – Eric’s retake on using unique visitors and the potential challenges of using it as a metric (and the muddy mess we make when we bicker about un-actionable metrics).
  3. Standard Metrics Revisited: #6: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Unique Visitors – Avinash clarifies the differences in grain of various visitor measurements.
  4. Choosing the Right Metric – A lot of suggestions by Zach on how to avoid metic selection pitfalls crammed into a short article.
  5. Why the Click Is the Wrong Metric for Online Ads – For those of us measuring digital media effectiveness, Abbey wrote this one for you.